Monday, August 22, 2011

Well here I am ...Susan Darnell Designs writing her blog!

I was a very happy camper doing the "vintage thing" ...finding special items to fix, paint, and clean for my dealer space in Vignettes. Vignettes is a fabulous vintage store in Ocean Beach, Ca. Upon entering the door you are transported to another place ( South of France) and time (DREAM time)! I am very fortunate to be a dealer there for three years. Anyway, I work very hard filling up my store space.
UNTIL.......Chalk Paint.... I was reading, or should I say looking at the pictures in Romantic Homes magazine, when I saw IT! Hummm, that looks interesting, some lady showing how to paint a piece of furniture and having it come out looking old and distressed. MY kinda look! I decided to actually read the article (reading takes soo much time, I like the pics. better). the woman was Annie Sloan, a very talented faux (means fool the eye) finisher of furniture,walls, floors, cement, plastic, you name it, she paints it. She has been around about 25 years, doing her thing and writing books about it. I had purchased a few of her "how to" books years ago. I liked the painting and stencilling she showed in the books. BUT did not like that I had to MAKE the paint! Mix dry pigment with What???! Where do I buy coal dust???(It wasn't really coal dust,but something like that).
Waala! Annie Sloan invents Chalk Paint! DA of course! Makes total sense! (People like me, in a hurry to get results, CAN NOT be mixing and making paint)
Because this blog is now getting very long.... I got the Chalk Paint, LOVED IT!!! NO seriously, I was telling everyone how great this paint is! The husband thought I was CRAZY!!! Gone off the edge!
She is talking no stop about.....
Now I am the stockist (English for "I stock and sell the paint and wax"(Annie Sloan is ENGLISH)
for San Diego- metro area.
OK next blog I will tell more, this is a lot of writing for someone who is a bad speller..
Paint ON! my friends


Joy @ The Vintage Rabbit said...

So glad you got your blog going!!!
I was alittle bit apprehensive of the whole chalk paint idea...but when you told me that there's NO PREP involved... I thought about it for just a little while...then I decided this is the answer I have been waiting for....I paint for too and have been for years...and kinda had quit doing it cause of all the prep you had to glad I bought some Annie Sloan from you!! I'm addicted I think!!! so easy to use!!! will NEVER paint another piece of funiure w/o it!! Thanks Susan!!!

Anne said...

I will follow you.....and tell everyone I know how much I enjoy you being one of the Mini Stockist's in Southern California.